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Project SAGE Found

We have identified several obstacles to agencies achieving Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI).  Identifying problems is not enough.  We have solutions.  Below are the projects we believe can promote inclusion and a fair promotion system in institutions to retain talents who can best serve the American people.

Image by Clay Banks

No Name No Gender Evaluation & Promotion

Whether it's a grading system or a curve system, "Blind Audition" is the best practice so far, proven to minimize gender and racial biases and discrimination in the promotion and hiring process. Our current hiring and promotion systems facilitate gender and racial pay gap where women and minorities get paid less. We want a well-designed No Name, No Gender to be a standard in the government's hiring and promotion system, safeguarding against biases and prejudices. It is time to eliminate the gender and racial pay gap. And make sure the best people are in positions to serve America.

Image by Tezos

Raise the Cap on Compensatory and Punitive Damages

Agencies benefit from the Compensatory and Punitive Damages capped at $300,000. This amount is arbitrary and outdated. Agencies have seen their budget doubled or tripled in the last decades. The $300,000 amount is no longer noteworthy. This amount also is no longer adequate when calculating in the inflation and the rise in costs. We propose the cap be raised to: No Cap. Agencies shall not worry because no violations of Civil Rights, no payout! No Cap is inconsequential.  The reality is we will begin to see agencies think twice before dragging the victims to court and choose settlement as a more logical solution. Saving tax payer's money and limiting the trauma inflicted on the victims.

Open Minded Graphic

Hire the Right People

It all starts with hiring.  Institutions have been training their employees in understanding discriminatory behaviors and why we need to have diversity and inclusion. But it cannot force people to believe in equality. It is nearly impossible to change people's minds or belief systems if they are not open-minded to begin with. Hire the Right People should be the first step to achieving a workplace that is equitable. Those who do not believe in the fundamental American value of equality should not have to privilege to be a part of the government.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Accountability Enforced

Studies have shown punishment or repercussions are a bigger motivator to behaviors than rewards or encouragement. Yes, it is a sad truth about human nature. When people see bad deeds go unpunished, such bad deeds may be prone to be repeated.  Most agencies already have reprimands for violations. We just need to make sure it is enforced. Deterrence of bad behavior cannot work if consequences are not visible.

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