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Our Mission

SAGE serves as an ally to federal employees who face discrimination by providing peer-based support, emotional support, advocacy, and resources in their fight for equality.  Employees can contact us or post their questions in our forum to solicit advice from a broad range of supporters.

We envision a truly equal and just workplace in the federal government, which functions properly in the protection of its workforce and the service of the American people.

We want all victims to become Sages.

Like a Sage, wise through reflection and experience.


Read more about how we'll achieve this mission by working toward our goals below.

Our Goals

  • Allowing victim employees to have a voice.  Providing a space for employees to turn to for advice/support. 

  • Allowing past pathfinders to share lessons learned with those who are still in the struggle/fight. 

  • Connect victims with similarly situated members for emotional support.

  • Promote institutional reform

  • Protect national security by eliminating biases, prejudices & discriminatory practices that can impede valuable talents from serving our nation

  • Eliminate prejudicial practices that jeopardize and harm national security

  • Provide initial legal aid to victims of discrimination in their fight for equality [a future project]

  • Enforce accountability

  • Eradicate institutional discrimination

  • Protect and advocate for victims 

  • Vet & provide a referral list of attorneys according to their areas of expertise

  • Linking victims with pathfinders in attorney search

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