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For employees who suffer discrimination and retaliation, they oftentimes do not know who can help, or what to do?  SAGE provides a platform for the victim employees to seek peer support via our Safe Rooms, to seek advice from our Board of Advisors, to share their stories or experiences through our Incident Report.  Employees can also share their lessons learned in the Two Cents section.

Courageous reformers and allies deserve recognition.  We want to encourage positive actions and recognize those who have spoken up and render help to our victim employees; therefore, Shout Out is a place where an employee can show their gratitude to an ally. 

To achieve allyship support, we ask you to sign up and join our member community.  All of these tools are still under development as we still lack funds to hire a web developer for these features.  For now, you can email us with questions at


Please support us by making a donation so we can stand up the below tools to help you.


SAGE memeber, Federal Employee

"...SAGE Foundation [is] also aptly named because you have predicted the playbook by [the perpetrator's means to retaliate]... I want to thank you again for providing me this SAGEly advice. He has a pattern. Due to knowing this advice, I am aware of his playbook."

Site Visitor, State Employee

SAGE has provided me with resources and support when I felt very alone...
Josephine was available to answer my questions, provide support, and even helped me with a mock interview for a job interview I had coming up. Josephine has the experience and knowledge to put you on the right track and allow you to focus on moving forward instead of being stuck in depression and anxiety. Her mentorship was just what I needed to concentrate on my goals and living a healthier life. 

Site Visitor, Federal Employee

"Biggest help was having someone familiar with the job to talk to.  Outside friends and family don't understand... [SAGE] was helpful to wargame the options."

Site Visitor, Federal Employee

"[Got] Good points I had not thought about."

Shout Outs

Gratitude Sharing

Through Gratitude and Appreciation Shoutouts, SAGE hopes to spotlight individuals and organizations who do amazing work to create a more equitable world.

Safe Rooms

Seeking Advice

SAGE members can become an asset to each other when individuals reach out to each other for support.

Incident Reports

Telling Stories

SAGE offers a platform for individuals to share their stories and form meaningful connections.

Two cents

Sharing Lessons Learned

Sharing wisdom

Tell a little tale that may give inspirations or advice to others.

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