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A Call for Documentary Stories and Narrators



SAGE Foundation is planning on a three-part docu-series to tell valorous stories of individuals serving in the government.  We have started to film the part on Asian American national security professionals’ contributions to the security of our country. 


This documentary film will focus on showcasing contributions from average Asian American national security professionals doing not-so-average jobs in protecting our nation's security.  While there will be valorous stories of devotion, there will also be disheartening stories of suffering from prejudices and discrimination.  We want to hear from you.


If you have a story to tell, either yours or someone you know, please send us a one-page narrative with:

  1. Identify yourself as much or as little, from position title, agency name, years in service, to just your job category. 

  2. Tell us your accomplishments, services, and/or comments said to you that demonstrate a perception of disloyalty, or racial biases, and how that had affected you. 

  3. Identify if you would be willing to appear in the film.


We are also calling for narrators to appear in our film.  You will be reading these stories.  Be a voice to those who cannot have a voice.


Please send your interest to, and forward this call to others.

Thank you.


Josephine Chien

Founder and CEO

SAGE Foundation     

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